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Leslie Jamison’s book of essays, The Empathy Exams , begins with her experience working as a medical actor. What is a medical actor? I had the same question. It is an actor that is given a profile of someone with a particular ailment and symptoms and personality. Then they will have a mock appointment with a me ...

B.U.G. (Big Ugly Guy) Posted by   Bill, 9/20/2016 10:52:48 AM | Add a Comment

How to Set a Fire and Why Posted by   Michael, 9/20/2016 10:50:30 AM | Add a Comment

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Into the Storm

 Into the storm is about a big tornado storm that hits a town. We have two sets of characters, the kids who live in the town and go to the local school and the storm chasers. A student is video taping the kids at the school to put in a time capsule. The storm chasers detect this biggest of all time storm headi ...

A Different Kind of Movie for sure Posted by   Gary, 9/22/2016 04:11:42 PM | Add a Comment

Banned Books/Movies Posted by   Ryan, 9/20/2016 02:09:07 PM | Add a Comment

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Hoopla Album Spotlight--Birdwatching by Anat Fort Trio

Accessible through your Hoopla account is the newest album from the Anat Fort Trio (piano, drums and bass) with special guest Gianluigi Trovesi (alto clarinet). Moving in and out of lyrical and somber pieces that speak to the album's theme of observation, there are also several tracks of meandering exploration ...

Happy Birthday Nick Cave--Hoopla Artist Spotlight Posted by   Ryan, 9/22/2016 02:44:05 PM | Add a Comment

Great Songs Spotlight--Where or When Posted by   Ryan, 9/20/2016 09:59:23 AM | Add a Comment

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Happy National Library Week to You!

This is National Library Week , April 12 – 18. We join with libraries, schools, bookstores, and publishers in celebrating this week to highlight the value of libraries. This year’s theme is “Unlimited Possibilities @ Your Library.” In the mid 1950s, research showed that Americans were spending less time wit ...

Library Shout-Out Posted by   Ann, 2/9/2015 09:26:11 AM | Add a Comment

Michigan Notable Books 2015 Posted by   Ann, 2/4/2015 08:11:09 AM | Add a Comment

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Talk, Read, and Sing!

Talk, Read, and Sing is an initiative that highlights the everyday fun activities that parents, grandparents - all caregivers - can do to help ensure early brain and language development. Talking, reading, and singing to your baby in your native language helps to grow compassionate and capable kids who enter kinderga ...

Family Cookbook Posted by   Bill, 7/5/2016 12:24:20 PM | Add a Comment

Magazines for your tablet or smartphone Posted by   Angela, 7/1/2016 03:24:02 PM | Add a Comment

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Bookstore News September 21 - 24

Heads up die-hard VHS fans - we have a large selection of VHS tapes on sale in the store this week. Four tapes for $1.00. After this sale we will no longer be carrying VHS tapes in the store (with the exception of children's tapes) all tapes will go to the Bag Sales and be available 3 times a year. ...

September Bag-of-Books Sale(2) Posted by   Carol, 9/6/2016 04:30:05 PM | Add a Comment

Bookstore News August 17 - 20(1) Posted by   Carol, 8/16/2016 04:10:06 PM | Add a Comment

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Local History and Genealogy

House of David

For many years I have been fascinated by the Israelite House of David in Benton Harbor. Its history as a religious colony is captivating by itself, but when you also consider the ways the group interacted with the community through their amusement park, baseball teams, and musical bands the story is really irresistibl ...

Michigan True Crime Posted by   Beth, 7/27/2016 01:50:00 PM | Add a Comment

Local History Collection Posted by   Beth, 6/30/2016 11:53:05 AM | Add a Comment


Opportunities for Nonprofit Excellence

Cause-Driven Organizations

I’ll get right to the point: There are many good organizations, but good doesn’t move the needle. Good doesn’t change the conversation. To impact the deeply entrenched issues within our community, organizations must work together on their common cause. No one organization can do this in isolation. But this post is no ...

Resolute-Humble Leader Posted by   Thom, 9/9/2016 04:00:35 PM | Add a Comment

Welcome Matt Posted by   Thom, 9/6/2016 09:01:21 AM | Add a Comment