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Feast of Love

My book club read Feast of Love, from the library’s “Book Club in a Bag” service for August. (It sure is easy to take a bag of books and just pass them out for the next month.) It stimulated good conversation and everyone liked it – not always the case with this group!

The book begins with the author himself, Charles Baxter, waking from a nightmare and going for a moonlight walk through Ann Arbor. While sitting on a park bench, he is joined by an acquaintance, Bradley. As they talk, Bradley provides the title for the novel Baxter is working on and offers himself as a character.

From that quirky beginning, what follows is a chronicle of love told through an ensemble of characters woven together seamlessly. A variety of subplots creates a multi-layered story about human relationships.

We had a good conversation about this book and recommend it to book groups or individuals.


Feast of Love


In addition to being included in the Book Club in a Bag service, this particular title has been featured on the very popular Staff Picks display, located around the 1st Floor Rotunda. Check it out for staff-recommended gems like this one. You never know what you'll find.

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