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The Householder's Guide to the Universe

I’m utterly fascinated by anything that has to do with urban farming or homesteading, so it was with great pleasure that I stumbled upon The Householder’s Guide to the Universe recently.  In the introduction, author Harriet Fasenfest describes her book as “a how-to book, a cookbook, a getting-back-to-basics-in-the-city book.” It is all this, but it’s also a call to thriftiness, an appeal for sensible food production, and a champion of hard work and self-reliance.  The book is divided into twelve chapters (one for each month), which are further divided into sections entitled “The Home,” “The Kitchen,” and “The Garden.”  It was a joy to read as the seasons unfolded in Fasenfest’s garden; I loved to see the quiet contemplation she experienced in January, then the excitement of spring planting in May and June, and the overwhelming work of harvesting and preserving in August.  The Householder’s Guide to the Universe is the perfect book for anyone interested in gardeningpreserving, or a life more in touch with the earth.


Householder's Guide to the Universe


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