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Another from Anne Tyler

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Anne Tyler is one of my “Book My Favorites” authors. It’s always a treat to get her new book shortly after it is published.

Noah’s Compass is a continuation of her quirky characters in a Baltimore setting. Liam Pennywell is a man of “unexceptional talents, plain demeanor, modest means, and curtailed ambition.” He has had two failed marriages and has an emotionally detached relationship with his grown daughters and second ex-wife.

Liam is attacked in his new apartment on his first night there and has no memory of the experience. As he searches to recover those few lost hours, he is lead into an examination of his rather disappointing life and into an unlikely new relationship with Eunice, a socially inept woman half his age, who is a “rememberer.”

Trust me—the book is better than it sounds from this brief description. It is typical Anne Tyler style with no solutions as to why people are they way they are and a main character who will be in a different place by the end of the book, but who will have grown along the way.


Noah’s Compass

Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 02/18/2010 09:57:05 AM