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Renovation DIY

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As we’re not Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl, my partner and I required lots of technical advice with our recently completed home renovation. The word “completed” here of course means we’re living with a few loose ends. Renovation by Michael W. Litchfield continues to be a very, very useful resource as we wrap up. Now in its third edition, the book offers information on structural carpentry, masonry, foundations and concrete, electrical wiring and plumbing. While formidable projects involving these subjects are definitely covered in the book, I think they’re best left to the pros. Litchfield, founding editor of Taunton's Fine Homebuilding Magazine also covers drywall, trim carpentry, painting, wall paper, hanging cabinets and more including how to inspect a house. With accessible text and plenty of great photographs of real projects in progress, you get a sense of how complicated a project really is before you jump in. Got a few renovation DIY loose ends around your house? Take a look at more books on “That Old House” in the first floor rotunda this month at the Central Branch library.



Posted by Bill Caskey at 09/03/2009 09:37:32 AM