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Giving and Getting

My curiosity was sparked, when One Red Paperclip fell off the shelf into my hand.  Blogger Kyle MacDonald documents how he traded one red paperclip on Craigslist--and later on his own blog—for something “bigger and better” each time he traded. Eventually, his trades earned him a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.
MacDonald’s quest wasn’t just about gaining material goods, but also about linking people up with things and experiences that mattered to them--and meeting plenty of interesting folks along the way. 

If MacDonald’s story intrigues you, consider trades on the Kalamazoo area Craigslist, or you can join the local “reuse group,” Portage-Kalamazoo Freecycle™,” and simply give away what you don’t need.


One Red Paperclip: Or How an Ordinary Man Achievd His Dream with the Help of a Simple Office Supply


I LOVED this book! It is the American entrepeneurial spirit alive and well. Should be required reading for every student! thanks Christine for making me aware of it.

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