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Undercover in High Heels

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First, let me say that I couldn’t do anything in heels any higher than ½”!

But, Maddie Springer, children’s shoe designer extraordinaire, can. She has a nearly uncontrolled fetish for collecting shoes: all styles, colors, heel heights, etc. In fact, the more expensive the shoes, the better! Imagine a pair of $800.00 Prada boots! With a VISA that’s always maxed out, twenty-something, single Maddie gallops through life, having such experiences as seeing her ex-boyfriend’s boss murdered; seeing Las Vegas for the first time; discovering that her “absent for the last 25 years” dad is a drag queen dancer in a sleazy Vegas club, etc. Undercover in High Heels is #3 in this series that caught my interest when I saw the next book advertised.

I’ve blogged about the mystery series genre at KPL before and I just can’t seem to get enough! When one title is good, then more by the same author and with the same characters are better! If you “wanna be” a size two, a B&B owner, a coffee aficionado, a tea lover, a plus-sized southern PI, a purse collector…it’s all here and available to check out and enjoy!

Imagine the hours of escape reading you can do, all in the name of literacy! 


Undercover in High Heels

Posted by Ann Fleming at 12/31/2008 04:20:39 PM