Eleanor and Park

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One of my favorite things about reading a novel is when I come across one with characters so believable, so engaging, that I think about them for days after I’ve finished the book.  Eleanor and Park was just one of those books for me, and I nearly decided not to read it because it was labeled as young adult fiction.  Based on the recommendation of someone whose opinion I trusted, I put my teen lit prejudices aside and found I couldn’t put the book down once I had picked it up.  Eleanor and Park are sixteen in 1986, social outcasts, and falling in love over comic books and New Wave.  I’m certain I would have been friends with them in high school.

Tension in the novel arises from Eleanor’s home life—she lives in poverty with an abusive stepfather.  Her situation is a tough one, and it’s heartbreaking, but author Rainbow Rowell manages present her story in a realistic way without turning it into a schmaltzy after-school special.  I consider the absence of schmaltz a major feat since this is basically a story about two socially awkward teenagers falling in love for the first time, and it’s ripe with opportunities for sentimentality.  This book is good for anyone, teen or adult, who likes great character development.


Eleanor and Park

Posted by Caitlin Hoag at 07/12/2013 10:14:44 AM | 

I LOVED this book! It's so beautiful and I do love YA already but this book just had me from the start and I was so sad when it was over. I loved the ending but I wanted to keep reading about Eleanor and Park!
Posted by: Andrea ( Email ) at 7/24/2013 1:26 PM

Sounds interesting. Am always looking for new things to check out. Thank You.
Posted by: LeeAnn ( Email ) at 8/15/2013 7:18 PM

Will give this story a try. Sounds interesting thanks
Posted by: LeeAnn ( Email ) at 8/15/2013 7:20 PM

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