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Looking for a great audio book? I loved the audio version of “Dodger” by Terry Pratchett. On a dark and stormy night (what else) in Victorian London, a young 17 year old man named Dodger happens upon a young woman who is being kidnapped. He rescues her, and being a young man who makes his living from the streets, knows how to survive and protect her. It fast becomes apparent that some very bad men are trying to get Felicity back. Whirlwind action, mystery and history combine to make great listening. I’ve listened to lots of audio books over the years, and the reader can make or break a story. The reader here does a great job, and sounds as though he’s thoroughly enjoying himself.

Pratchett has some real life people make appearances, such as Charles Dickens as a sharp newspaper reporter, and also Sweeney Todd, the famous barber murderer. Dodger interacts with them, in what Pratchett calls “historical fantasy.” It’s so well done that it seems perfectly natural.

I really enjoyed this audio version from start to finish, and hope Pratchett does a sequel, preferably soon!




This sounds like a good audio book. One to sit and listen to on vacation. Thanks for the review.
My husband introduced me to Terry Pratchett years ago, along with Doctor Who and Farscape. Since then I have read and own the entire Discworld series along with two illustrated books. I haven't read this one yet, but it is now on my summer to read list. Terry Pratchett is brilliant, I've never done an audiobook, but I'll give it a try. His movies that are based on his books are incredible as well. For the most part if it's got his or Neil Gaiman's names on it, I'm going to read it. I have yet to be disappointed.

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