...and now we are all beer snobs.

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I couldn’t help pick this book up after seeing its clever title in the New KPL Books stream in the KPL catalog, and after reading through it I can say that I am glad I did. The story of craft beer brewing in the United States is as funky as some of the places that helped it grow and pushed it forward during the past 30 or so years. The book takes you from San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Co., which was basically the only small batch “local” brewery that existed in the mid-1970s, to today’s craft brew industry where we have literally thousands of craft breweries scattered across the country and introduces you to a seemingly endless stream of interesting and passionate people and their unlikely stories along the way. The book is thoroughly researched and comprehensive with interviews with all of the important players and tons of history thrown in to give the stories context. It’s a rich and full-bodied tale sure to interest any beer fan out there. And for the record, Kalamazoo may have come up short in its bid to be named Beer City, USA, but we do figure pretty early on in the story of the craft beer revolution with the Kalamazoo Brewing Company appearing right there on page 119! Number of times anything associated with Grand Rapids appears in the index = 0. Hmmm


The Audacity of Hops


Posted by Michael Cockrell at 06/17/2013 04:30:02 PM | 

Hahaha... so take that River City :-) The book sounds great - so it's now next on my list. Thanks, Michael
Posted by: keith ( Email ) at 6/18/2013 9:17 AM

My husband just finished reading The World Atlas of Beer by Tim Webb. Might be a good companion book for this one.
Posted by: Suzann ( Email ) at 6/21/2013 2:12 PM

Yes with all these new breweries I hope we don't all become beer snobs! As for me, I keep it real with PBR and I treat all beers equally by giving the them dignity of being drank by me. Snobs are just like people on high horses--they forget that, at one time, they couldn't afford fancy beer or horses.
Posted by: Matt S ( Email ) at 6/24/2013 12:28 PM

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