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A Baseball Card Adventure

There are 2 things I can say about Dan Gutman he must be big on baseball and he has found a great way to tell historical stories about baseball. He takes a very youthful and imaginative approach to telling Jackie Robinson’s story in Jackie & Me. What kid couldn’t relate to time travel, baseball cards and getting to meet a famous player like Jackie Robinson. Jackie & Me is one of Gutman’s baseball card adventures and it's a great way for a young person to take a look at what it must have been like for Jackie Robinson to break the color barrier back in 1947.

There are several other books in the Baseball Card Adventures like Shoeless Joe and Me, Ray and Me, Babe and Me, and Honus and Me.


Jackie & Me


I think Jacki Robinson is a spectaculaar person. But what irks me is that even in the year 2013, Paula Deen of cooking fame on national TV used racial slurs. The Bible says to all of us - "Life and death are in the power of the tongue."
Jacki Robinson is great. Just is what I think.

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