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Dinner: A Love Story

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I have always struggled with feeling good about the dinners I prepare for my family. And now that I have teenagers whose extracurricular activities decrease the likliehood that we'll all be home during the conventional dinner hour--whatever that is--it has become all too easy to leave them to their own devices to find something they WANT to eat, WHEN they can, and just take care of it themselves. But then I feel guilty about not sitting together at the family table because that connection is still important to me. It's an ongoing battle.

So you can imagine how interested I am in this new book (currently on order) by Jenny Rosenstrach based on her blog of the same name. According to the author:

Family dinner is a mindset, and once you get comfortable with the idea of not doing it, the harder it becomes to make it happen. But the more you force yourself to make meals for your children, the more it will become second-nature, and the more addicted you’ll get to all the pleasures and dividends a family meal can yield.

At this point, I'll take all the help I can get!


Dinner: A Love Story

Posted by Karen Santamaria at 05/02/2012 08:45:15 AM