Deep Dish

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Deep Dish / Mary Kay Andrews is the first (hopefully) of a new series featuring a feisty Southern thirty something foodie named Gina Foxton who has a very successful local cooking show until she finds it cancelled and replaced by a manly outdoors cooking show featuring the not so hard to look at Tate Moody.

The main feature of this light novel is a Gina/Tate cook-off at an out-of-the-way lodge on a Georgia Sea Island, Eutow. When the cook-off turns into a real food fight, it is easy to see where this duel is going, but the read is fun and light and good for a few hours waiting for the Thanksgiving turkey to cook. One hopes to see more of Gina and Tate in the near future.


Deep Dish


Posted by Linda Cook at 11/21/2008 12:03:33 PM | 

Interesting, I will find one to read. Are there some good recipes to expect? Or it's a pure "relationship" book?
Posted by: voip ( Email | Visit ) at 11/23/2008 8:04 PM

This was a delight to read! I think there was one recipe at the end, but I was listening to it on CD, not reading the book. I have never been dissapointed by Mary Kay Andrews.
Posted by: Candace ( Email ) at 11/26/2008 12:30 PM

The novel sounds interesting. I'll find one and start reding. Thanks.
Posted by: Andrew ( Email | Visit ) at 12/25/2008 1:57 AM

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