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In Paris. In love. In trouble.

This is my blog about a book about a blog.  Make sense?  Anyway, the book’s title Petite Anglaise comes from the author’s popular blog and refers to the nickname the author gained as a young British woman living in Paris.  Author/blogger Catherine Sanderson (known in the online community as “Petite” for short), was a working mother in a stagnant relationship with a Frenchman, the father of her infant daughter, when she decided to start a blog as a diversion from the reality of her less-than-exciting life. As she began to pour her thoughts out to an eager online audience, it became increasingly impossible for her to hide feelings of despair about her romantically-lacking relationship from the blog’s readers.  One such reader with online name “Jim in Rennes” particularly got her attention and the rest is history – all recorded in real time on the internet.  The book is a memoir based on events described in the blog, with lots of colorful description of Paris built in.  I am looking forward to Petite's second installment (Sanderson secured a two-book deal after gaining media attention for suing her employer for wrongful termination when they discovered her blog).


Petite Anglaise


Paris chez la Petite Anglaise, is great !, yet to read the book, had a look at the blog. Love the videos. Not too sure I would like to stay in Belleville though (or anywhere near Gare du nord for that matter). Merci, Au revoir
I read both the blog and the book, and I really love them a lot! I you haven't read it yet I can recommend it.

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