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What a GREAT book!

Ordinarily when one would like a synonym for a word, one uses a regular English dictionary. Sometimes if more alternatives are needed, a thesaurus is consulted. And now, here is a thesaurus for just the word GREAT and a few other superlatives. Recognizing that the usual terms for GREAT (amazing, awesome, unbelievable, etc.) are overused, author Arthur Plotnik has compiled a 244-page book that gives some commentary and more than 5700 choices of synonyms in order to provide variation in speech and writing. Probably as much for entertainment as for practical use, this volume, received in June, is available in the circulating collection.


Better than great : a plenitudinous compendium of wallopingly fresh superlatives
David D.


incredible, fascinating, amazing, super, magnificent...I can't believe they wrote a book on that!
Appreciate the pick! Wishing you and the library staff a spumescently brilliant, rapturous, pleoperfect, clangorously joyful, gladsome, ebullient, boffo, festal holiday and a nirvanic New Year. Libraries ordain, blaze, and oxidize!
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