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Cut your automobile gas bills by a third!

Gas Smarts : hundreds of small ways to save big at the pump by Ronald M. Weiers has many suggestions including (lots of) driving tips, how to reduce weight that the car carries, best time of day/week to fill up, and car maintenace that help increase fuel efficiency and ultimately save you money on gas. It also has many suggestions for those looking to purchase a fuel-efficient car. With gas being not that far under $4 a gallon right now, we can all benefit from these suggestions. A biggie for me is avoiding letting your tank get down to "E" -- who knew that when the fuel level gets that low, debris can build up and cause clogs and reduce efficiency? This book is well-written and makes a lot of sense...there is truly "something for everyone" in here.


Gas Smarts


great blog you got here. keep up the good work. i hope all of your home or commercial applances are running the way they should.

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