This Boy’s Life: a Memoir

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I’m wondering if David Sedaris is secretly going to library school. During his visit to Miller Auditorium on April 5 he had us all scrambling for paper and pen to write down the title and author of a book he was promoting. How often do we get to hear booktalks outside the library?

Tobias Wolff is the author who touches David’s soul and he wants the rest of us to love his books, too. The book David was waving about is The Barracks Thief, which KPL doesn’t yet own. (Yes, we have ordered it). But we do own several other of Wolff’s books. I’m midway through his memoir, This Boy’s Life, and it’s excellent. I’ll read it fast so you can have it next!


This Boy’s Life: a Memoir

Posted by Sue Warner at 04/11/2011 08:43:20 AM