Let’s Talk about It!

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This month our book group celebrated its one-year anniversary. We began with reading Snow Falling on Cedars, Reading Together 2010’s title. Appropriately, in our anniversary month, most of us attended the Tracy Kidder author visit, having discussed Strength in What Remains in February. Another fun thing we’ve done is discuss Louis L’Amour’s Ride the River over a picnic, then rent canoes and paddle the Portage Creek together.

It was easy to start. I asked two book-loving friends to invite some cool book-lovers, and before we knew it, we were seven members strong, with one occasional joiner.

Our conversations are fascinating. The other group members lead me to know and think about so much more of what’s wedged between the book’s covers than would ever occur to me, mulling the book over in the solitude of my mind. They think outside the box, and I benefit from what they share.

If you like talking books with others, consider attending one of the many book discussions listed on KPL’s calendar. You can also find web resources for your own book group in the Book Clubs section of the websites list on our Books and Reading topic guide. (Scroll down first to get to the Websites list; find the Book Clubs sub-topic in the alphabetical list of sub-topics.) Enjoy!



Posted by Christine Hann at 04/04/2011 01:43:51 PM