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Multiple times over the last few days, I have read In front of my house by Marianne Dubuc to my 19-month-old daughter.  I like it especially compared to most of the books that we read because it is a little bit longer story, but there are few words on each illustrated page so it still holds her attention.  The book begins at "my house" and takes readers on a fantastic adventure that includes the forest, the ocean, outer space, and even fairy-tale land before circling back and ending comfortably once again at "my house." There are a lot of words/images that my young daughter knows already, which is always a plus with this age. This is a great one if you're looking for a book to read to multiples ages of children, because the concepts (i.e. fairy tale characters such as the Three Pigs) are definitely geared toward a little bit older children (my guess is at least up to second grade) but because of the simple presentation, toddlers like my daughter can also get into it.


In front of my house

Posted by Kristen Larson at 03/31/2011 10:36:05 AM