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Our society likes numbers and we seem to accept that numbers can be used in various ways to tell a story from any perspective. Certainly we saw a lot of numbers in the results of last week’s election: number of votes cast, percentage among the candidates, percentage of citizens who voted, and on and on.

Some recent library related statistics that came to my attention are interesting:

  • 764,448 - book titles self published or by micro-niche publishers in 2009, double the output in 2008
  • 288,355 – book titles from traditional publishers in 2009, 1,374 fewer than 2008
  • 234,000,000 – websites at the end of 2009, up 47 million from 2008
  • 1,967,000,000 – internet users worldwide

These numbers show trends that are good for us to have in mind as we implement our strategic plan and set specific goals for the next year. Fewer books are being published by traditional publishers, more people are using the internet. With this in mind, we are expanding our digital offerings, putting more and more information on our website, posting to Facebook and Twitter, sending email newsletters to patrons.

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