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KPL is currently proactive in helping patrons with two governmental initiatives: the 2010 Census and income tax.

We are an “Authorized Census Questionnaire Assistance Center” for those who need help with their form and we were a site for testing and training of census workers. Our staff are actively encouraging everyone to be counted and are distributing promotional materials.

Census counts affect the number of representatives Michigan holds in the US Congress and the annual allocation of approximately $400 billion of federal funds, based in part, on the census data. When you fill out your 2010 Census from, you help influence our chances for a fair share of funding, services, and political representation.

As in past years, we are also a site for tax information for state and federal taxes. All of our locations are distributing paper copies of some federal and state tax forms free of charge while they last. Reproducible forms, including some instructions booklets, may be photocopied for 10¢ per page.

Information on tax preparation help and links to websites and databases with related information is on our website. If you need further help, contact the information desk at the central library: 553-7801.

It’s important to be counted and to pay taxes! We hope we can make both a little easier and less painful.


Census Information

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