Fiction Favorites of 2009

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I’m impressed and amazed by those who can pick their favorite book, movie, or music of the decade. I’m still struggling to decide on my favorite fiction titles of the year and I’m allowing myself to select several from those I read this year, not necessarily published this year.

I’m glad I waited this long to decide since I just finished That Old Cape Magic over the weekend and I’m adding it to my top five. My other four include Piano Teacher, The Vagrants, Exiles in the Garden, and Invisible Mountain in no particular order.

These five are closely followed by Shanghai Girls, The Lace Reader, The Story of a Marriage, Gardens of Water, and Telex from Cuba.

I’ll stop there and continue to ponder my favorites of the decade. Please share your favorites – the year or the decade.

Come visit soon. All of these favorites of mine are from our collection, along with the many other good books, of course.

I wish you a healthy and happy 2010 and hope there is time for leisure reading and many good books.


That Old Cape Magic

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