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Martin Fletcher is an NBC news foreign correspondent. He began covering the news when first hired as a cameraman in 1970. His career has spanned 4 decades and sent him all over the world, but most notably the Middle East. He is currently stationed in Tel Aviv, where he has been since 1982.

Breaking News is the story of Fletchers attempt to cover the people behind the headline making events. He takes us into wars, tragedies, and natural disasters, all the while helping us to see that these are not just sound bites but the lives and stories of very real people. One of the most gut-wrenching stories in the book is his account of filming a Somali refuge dying of starvation. He filmed her last minutes on earth, and he shares how conflicted he was to be a voyeur at such a moment, but how he hoped that this story might make the world take notice of the tragedy of the famine. This book is a must read for students of history or broadcast journalism majors, but it is just as much an important read for anyone who watches the nightly news and just flips the remote. Fletcher calls you to watch and listen to the news with a different perspective and makes you care about people half-way around the world through his thought-provoking and mesmerizing writing style.


Breaking News – Martin Fletcher

Posted by Martha Lohrstorfer at 12/11/2009 08:32:23 AM