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Yes to History, Maybe to Romance

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I found Gifts of War, Mackenzie Ford’s first novel, an enjoyable historical fiction/romance that combined a World War I history lesson (including an amazing “you are there” description of the “Christmas Truce”) with interesting romantic intrigue. It’s a moral tale, exploring unintended consequences without being too preachy.  Ever hear of an “Alice band?” If not, it’s something you’ll be compelled to check out on Wikipedia as you read the book.  I enjoyed the book, but prefer tidy, though not necessarily always happy endings – you’ll understand if you read it. I also found it somewhat difficult to like the main characters. See what you think. I would definitely try another book by this author. Despite my reservations I thought this was an intriguing story.


Gifts of War

Posted by Martha Coash at 11/13/2009 02:36:56 PM