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Rush Home Road

Rush Home Road by Lori Lansens follows the progress of healing between Sharla Cody, a neglected five-year-old mixed girl, and Addy Shadd, an 80-year-old woman with her own heart-wrenching history.  Their reluctance toward getting to know each other dwindles when the love both of them long for slowly appears as Addy’s story unfolds and Sharla’s mother disappears.  Addy turns Sharla from a malnourished, over-weight child into a respectable healthy girl while recalling her past.

Addy grew up in Rusholme, a Canadian border town settled by runaway slaves in the 1800’s, but the story begins in 1978 in a Chatham, Ontario trailer park.  Intimate details remind her of her rape by a close family friend, a young brother who died, her lover, husband, deceased children, and the many people who betrayed her while historic events like the Underground Railroad, and the Pullman Porter Movement, outline her recollection and reflect some of the hardships suffered.  The author beautifully weaves together all these details into a well-crafted and compassionate story.  The words “rush home” will not only ring in Addy’s ears but in our hearts.


Rush Home Road
Valerie O

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