Forgotten Books

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Not all books stand “the test of time.” Most readers can list several authors whose writing has moved or inspired them but whose work seems to be entirely forgotten.

Some of these authors were commercially successfully in their time, others never received the attention their writing deserved.

Not surprisingly in this electronic age, these authors are not as forgotten as they were previously.  A fine website, “lists 1000’s of books that have been neglected, overlooked, forgotten or stranded by changing tides in critical or popular taste.” And, again not surprisingly, there are links to purchase used copies of these books. 

This website is in a blog format with frequent postings plus categories of forgotten books and authors and links to still more sites. You can browse this site and get lost in remembering some old favorites.

If you don’t want to purchase a copy of a forgotten title, check our holdings, we might have it.

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Neglected Books

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