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Amazing Little Guys

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Each spring I anticipate the arrival of the first “scout” hummingbird at my feeders. They are such amazing little things – they fly incredibly fast, stop dead in mid-air, travel incredible distances when migrating, are beautiful and seem to be totally fearless.

Now is when the action is hot and heavy at the various feeders (have to provide more than one since they are very territorial) with the addition of the babies who are learning how to survive.

To learn more or see amazing pictures of these little guys, check out our books on hummingbirdsEnjoying Hummingbirds is an especially helpful primer.  If you are intrigued, try visiting It’s a wonderful website where you can learn how to attract, feed, watch, study and track their migration north in the spring.



Enjoying Hummingbirds

Posted by Martha Coash at 08/14/2009 11:36:19 AM