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Debut author thrillers!

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I'm always on the lookout for new entertaining authors, because I live in fear that I'll run out of good stuff to read. Fortunately, I just found two debut authors who I hope will continue to write the kind of fine thrillers they achieved with their first books. Running from the devil, by Jamie Freveletti features a strong female lead character, a chemist named Emma Caldridge, who is trying to right a wrong forced upon her by her company. On the way, her plane is hijacked over Colombia. Sixty-eight of her fellow surviving passengers are kidnapped by guerrillas - only Emma escapes. She silently trails the group, hoping to find a way to contact the American authorities with their whereabouts. The thrilling part of the story is that she has to track the group through the jungle, using her chemical, botanical and athletic skills to stay alive. Her knowledge is amazing, but believable. Moving along to the second book: Even, by Andrew Grant (who by the way is Lee Child's brother - Child is the author of the Jack Reacher series). David Trevellyan is the hero in Grant's book, a member of British naval intelligence. His curiosity about a dead body in a New York City alley leads him to jail as a scapegoat for the murder, where he is confronted by a really big and mean cellmate - who finds out the hard way what it means to cross Trevellyan. The story is a riveting action-adventure in the mode of Jack Reacher. Both of these characters face insurmountable odds, but are triumphant against the bad guys. Please, Ms. Freveletti and Mr. Grant -- write more books!


Running from the devil

Posted by Carol Falk at 06/16/2009 08:52:16 AM