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Visiting our national parks

Since the time of Teddy Roosevelt, our country has been blessed with natural areas being set aside as “national parks” for all the citizens to enjoy. One park, in particular, I have enjoyed visiting since childhood, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I’ve hiked with family and strangers on many of the trails observing the abundance of wildflowers and wildlife as well as hearing about the sacrifice many families in the area gave to create this wonderful area, the most visited national park. Strangers in high places: the story of the Great Smoky Mountains by Michael Frome tells the story of the creation of the park, its varied terrain, and the people who worked so hard to make privately owned land into a national park. Cades Cove: window to a secret world by Bill Lea is a pictorial look at the cove in the park that people hike, bike and look for deer. It’s a beautiful and serene area. Day and overnight hikes, Great Smoky Mountains National Park lists the hikes and backpacking areas of the park.

The library loans many books and videos about special places in our country, stop at the library or one of the branches and check out our collection before you take that summer vacation.


Day and overnight hikes, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Joanna L


My travels to National Parks may be limited but you cannot beat Rocky Mountain National Park for its striking peaks, Trail Ridge Road vistas, Elk covered meadows, and Summer sun.
I have read "Strangers in High Places", and believe it is an excellent read for anyone interested in our National Parks. I really enjoyed how Frome detailed the history of the park and the struggle to protect this national treasure. Frome's excellent story telling encourages the reader to get out and enjoy everything the Great Smokey Mountains have to offer. If you like this book you might also enjoy reading Frome's "Regreening the National Parks."
Ive only seen pictures of this place - I would love to go there one day..
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