Judith Krug

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Judith Krug, Director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, passed away last month. She was the office’s first and only director since it was established in 1967.

She was THE champion for librarianship’s core value: intellectual freedom… the right of Americans to free expression, freedom of inquiry, and privacy in the pursuit of information.

She also headed the Freedom to Read Foundation and was the driving force behind ALA’s battles over censorship of the news media, books, films, the internet.

We acknowledge intellectual freedom in our mission statement as do many libraries: “KPL champions reading, ignites imagination and ensures access to information and ideas.”

She defined and fought for the principles that have become basic to our country’s public libraries and library patrons. The challenges continue, perhaps even more so, as society increasingly moves from a print world to an electronic world.

We uphold her principles and treasure her legacy.


Judith Krug (American Library Association photo)

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