Belt Tightening at KPL

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Most organizations are facing budget reduction / belt tightening. KPL is no exception. State aid to libraries has been reduced and may be eliminated, property tax revenues are almost flat, interest income is near zero.

To cope with these budget constraints, we have not filled staff vacancies, some hourly positions have been eliminated, equipment purchases have been delayed, funds for books and AV items have been reduced, some programs and outreach services have been trimmed.

On May 5, voters will decide on a renewal of the library’s 20-year, basic millage which provides 65% of our operating income.

millage renewal will provide for the continuation of most services, but still require careful budgeting and some spending cuts. Our goal is to make those cuts so that our service to you is affected as little as possible. However, we will continue to reduce staff positions, hold funds for new books and AV items at the present level, and further reduce programs and outreach activities.

Readers of my blog know that use and demand for our services has grown tremendously in these tough economic times. Please know we are striving to continue to provide the services our patrons have come to expect and need but at the same time to reduce costs.

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