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Breakfast at Sally's

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In mid 2002,Richard LeMieux, the author of Breakfast at Sally’s, embarks on an 18-month journey discovering what it’s like to be a homeless person. No this is not a young author deciding to pose as a homeless person during the day, and then return to his real home at night, just to write a expose on this topic.  It is in fact a memoir of an older man, once affluent and “living the good life”, finding his business collapsing and losing it all including family, friends and all the connections he ever had as a wealthy individual.

LeMieux’s only companion during this period is his dog who lives with him in a beat up van and at times is his only reason for living, even when depression sets in and he considers jumping off a bridge and ending his struggle. 

Along the way he encounters many unique people, some homeless like himself, and some compassionate and caring , who both give meaning to his life and enrich him beyond what he could ever imagine.  This is a must read book for those interested in seeing how many live, and especially during our current hard economic times.


Breakfast at Sally's

Posted by Marybeth Smith at 03/24/2009 10:18:00 AM