READ posters are gaining national attention

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Many public libraries have READ posters, pictures of local celebrities holding their favorite book. One of the READ posters from the Skokie (IL) Public Library is now getting some national attention: Barack Obama holding Doris Kearns Goodwin’s A Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln

Of course this book is now getting a lot of media attention and has been a model for Obama’s cabinet selections. I wonder how seriously Obama was pondering a presidential run and thinking of following Lincoln’s model for cabinet selections when he chose this book and posed for their READ poster.

KPL’s READ posters don’t have anyone as widely known as Skokie’s but nevertheless we have some engaging READ posters of Kalamazoo folks. Look for them on the sides of our delivery van, in ads in the Kalamazoo GazetteExcelsior (Dr. Michael Rice),  Encore (Bobby Hopewell), other local publications (Newcomers magazineKSO program bookCivic Theatre program bookWMU Theatre book) and of course on our website. They are also displayed from time to time in our buildings.

Come visit soon…. centralbranchesbookmobile, or through our website.


Barack Obama READ Poster

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