Civil Affairs in Iraq in the 21st Century, an American Adventure

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In 2006 Paul Bremer published his My Year in Iraq. His account of the time he spent in Iraq administering to the Civil Affairs of the country as it descended into an ever growing morass of insurgency and civil unrest. Mr. Bremer would have been really well served if he could have consulted with his laptop and looked up a very neat series that the Center for Military History is scaning and loading on their website that allows Soldiers and others interested in military history to take advantage of the experience of the soldiers and civil affairs administrators of the past American wars and occupations. Epecially helpful would have been Civil Affairs : Soldiers Become Governors/ Harry Lewis Coles, about the Allied occupation and governance of Germany and Japan after WWII. Kalamazoo Public Library holds most of these Center for Military History books because they are government documents and we are a depository library. To find these books and to click on to the full text of the books just do a BROWSE search in the catalog for the SERIES: United States Army in World War....the browse search on these words will bring up a string of these works. The Coles work is inside a series called: The United States Army in World War II. Special Studies. Try that one; try them all; enjoy.


My Year in Iraq

Posted by Linda Cook at 01/26/2009 05:18:32 PM