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Are you interested in modern art, but don’t know quite what to make of it? Do you just keep your mouth shut, because you don’t want to come across as stupid? Do you wish you had taken the time to take the Art Appreciation class in college instead of rushing through, taking only classes that fulfilled degree requirements?

Well, What Are You Looking At?  by Will Gompertz can help you out a bit in all three of these cases. Gompertz was the director of London’s Tate Gallery and is now the BBC Arts Editor. He introduces you to dozens of artists and art movements from Impressionism up to the present, showing how each fed off those that came before and often were rebellions against the ideas of the earlier artists. My favorite part was a fun story about Robert Rauschenberg asking Willem de Kooning for a drawing so he could erase it. It’s interesting how many of the names that we use to categorize different movements were taken from derogatory reviews of their work.

The book includes some color plates of art work in the middle as well as some black and white images sprinkled throughout the text, but you will find yourself searching the internet for many of the works of art that are discussed, but not depicted. You will want to see what he is talking about and you might find yourself making your own explorations online.

This is a really easy to read and fun introduction to modern art.


What Are You Looking At?

Posted by Steve Siebers at 10/28/2013 10:07:26 AM | 

As a wanna be pro-illustrator myself, I`m studying Art History and came to the conclusion that there`s no better way to truly understand (and possibly come up with own techniques) art than looking at the past and the legacy of great artists. I will take a look at the book thanks for the review.
Posted by: david ramirez ( Email ) at 2/10/2014 9:39 AM

I´ve just finished this book. Gompertz is successful in presenting the major movements in modern art and the artists responsible in a readable and enjoyable book.
Posted by: aacopiadoras ( Email ) at 4/8/2014 6:46 PM

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