What Mama Said

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“Chile’, don’t worry bout other people, ‘cause they probably just jealous.”

“Yo chile is yo first priority, cause cherin don’t ask to be born.”

“If somebody don’t want to be bothed wit you, just leave em lone.”

If you see the wisdom in these quotes as I do, then you will absolutely LOVE the book What Mama Said, which is a collection of quotations from 78 year old Albion woman Willie Jewel Peterson, compiled with love by her daughter, Gladys Seedorf of Battle Creek. The book also provides a fascinating and inspiring biography of Willie, who grew up one of 14 children working on her family’s farm in Greenville, Alabama, and due to farm obligations, was not able to go to school past 6th grade. She raised a family while working hard her whole life and upon retirement at age 65, she completed her G.E.D. This book is chock full of self-help advice that Willie gave her daughter over the years, written in the same vernacular that Willie spoke to keep it authentic…common-sense, hilarious, and absolutely spot-on. I hope this book hits it big!

Here is a great article about the book, its author, and subject, from Chuck Carlson of the Battle Creek Enquirer.


What mama said

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