Which is Greener: Print or E-book?

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Do you consider the environmental impact when choosing a print or e-book format?

I admit, I’ve only thought very briefly about this question and it doesn’t enter into my decision to read a book in print or digital format. My decision is based primarily on availability.

I recently came across a short article on this very topic. It gave me pause. The author considered the trees used to make paper, chlorine bleach to dye the paper, use of recycled paper, amount of ink, energy needed to produce the ink, lifespan of a typical e-reader, and carbon emissions from production and use of an e-reader.

Bottom line conclusion from the author: an e-reader is the more environmentally responsible choice for those who read more than 23 books per year.

Now that you know this, will it make a difference in the format you choose?



Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 02/11/2013 08:21:56 AM | 

unfortunately not for me. I would love to switch, but most of the books I like are not available in e-reader format, mostly because publishers aren't selling them to libraries, partly because the library collection doesn't reflect my tastes yet. great post!
Posted by: Matt S ( Email ) at 2/11/2013 3:21 PM

I don't own an e-reader. Between the library and MelCat, I can read any book I choose.
Posted by: Suzann ( Email ) at 2/15/2013 1:51 PM

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