Merry Christmas Alex Cross

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Now this book was written by James Patterson with no co-writers. This is his famous Alex Cross series. I like how James Patterson writes but I am not a fan of the famous Alex Cross. I find him smug. He keeps saying how great of a dad he is but then then he is never home. Course he is fictional, which is a testament to James Patterson’s writing ability that he can get me to feel this way about a fictional character, or maybe I’m a bit bent and need to see someone professionally. James Patterson had a book titled “Kill Alex Cross”, I was routing for the bad guys. In his latest “Merry Christmas, Alex Cross” Alex is trying to have Christmas at home with his family but of course he gets called into action because he is the best and there is no one else they could conceivably call. The book starts out with a hostage scene and they need Alex. I’m thinking they must have other hostage negotiators call one of them, don’t they rotate the on duty roster. I think they put this in the book to show how Alex is “ripped” away from his family on Christmas Eve. Personally I think he could have waved off this one. The next bit he is indeed needed for as he was involved in the first terrorist attack so he knows how they operate. Hala Al Dossari is back. Alex and Mahoney worked together (in a previous book) to catch Al Dossari and Alex had constructed an extensive profile of her. He even laments being called in and away from his family on Christmas. This is from chapter 49: “Seemed like everybody in the District had given up on going outside and settled in for a sweet night. Everybody, of course, except me. When do I start saying no, I thought, instead of just reacting to whatever crisis life sends my way? When do I begin to live Alex Cross’s life? “ Then he goes on about how great his kids are and how spry his 90 something nana is, blah blah blah. Luckily we get back to Hala and she is shooting people while her cohorts are stealing dangerous chemicals from a train. One thing I really like was how he described the stopping of the train and the problems they had with the physical removal of heavy drums of chemicals in winter. I especially like when the snow plow came along. You could feel the frustration of the bad guys at having to traverse through the snow especially since they were desert people and not dressed or used to snow. I enjoyed this even if I kind of did want Alex to fail and for sure wanted him to quit telling me how great a dad he is.


Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

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I really enjoyed reading your post. And I love the updates on the books. Actually, I'm a book reader. I also love to read about adventure book. Thank you for this post. I hope I could have a copy of this book.
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