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1000 Artist Trading Cards

When I surf the internet, I enjoy checking out all the art and crafters blogs. I kept seeing references to ATCs but with no explanation as to what they were. When I finally googled the term and found out that ATC stood for Artist Trading Cards, I felt as though I had learned the secret handshake to an underground club. Apparently this is the “in” art technique to crafters. In essence, these are the artists' business cards, each hand made and traded to others at swaps or through the mail. The only rule is that the size must be 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″. I originally found 1000 Artist Trading Cards by Patricia Bolton, editor-in-chief of one of my favorite magazines, Cloth Paper Scissors, at the bookstore but decided against buying it. It was a little overpriced for a single book and I had some other titles I wanted to buy first. I was happy to see a copy on display here at the library.

A little time is spent at the beginning explaining what Artist Trading Cards are and giving some instruction on making them. Just enough information is given so the novice can get started making their own. The rest of the book is a large gallery of pictures showing 1000 samples of the cards by different artists and using different techniques. It serves as inspiration and encouragement to the reader. I know it gave me a few ideas that I'd like to try for myself.


1000 Artist Trading Cards: innovative and inspired mixed media ATCs




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