Remembering Summer

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Gardening season is starting to wind down. Now is the time of year when I plant my pansies, yet more daffodil bulbs and a mum or two. I am beginning to put away my various garden furniture, doodads, rake the leaves and mow the lawn one more time.

Still, when the skies are gray and the rain is going at it with no let-up in sight; when the furnace actually kicks in for the first time, it’s the perfect time to read gardening books and dream of warmer, sunnier days in the garden. Gardening for all Seasons, published by Creative Homeowner, is a hefty volume packed full of beautiful pictures and gardening tips for the year. The first four chapters cover the basics and is helpful for the beginning gardener without being intimidating. The rest of the book follows each season with plant lists and descriptions and tips on new beds, propagation, pruning, plant divisions, mulches, blooming schedules, forcing bulbs, indoor gardens and on and on.

Gardening books of this caliber are usually published in the U.K. where the blooming times are off kilter for American gardens. Each chapter of this book covers what to expect in gardens in the warmer parts of the country as well as the cooler climates.


Gardening for All Seasons


Posted by Jill Ongley at 10/17/2008 01:02:36 PM