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Finding Annie Farrell

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This is a wonderful memoir of a daughter recounting her mother’s life as she knew her growing up, and then piecing together the mother’s many secrets before being married, which ultimately led to the mother’s downfall.

Annie Farrell was a beautiful woman growing up in rural Maine during the Depression era, in a poverty stricken family of six other children, an alcoholic father, and a mother who died young.  The children many times had to fend  for themselves and Annie’s dream was to leave Maine and go to New York City and become a model. The journey the daughter takes to learn about her mother starts with finding her birth certificate and realizing her name wasn’t Annie afterall. She then relies on the memories of the other surviving children who help her understand the mother she thought she knew. She also needs to delve into her father’s background, who was a decorated World War II hero, by tracing his roots back to Ireland. It ‘s great story of a family coming together to provide the needed information for the author, Beth Harpaz, to write this book about her mother she finally understands. 


Finding Annie Farrell

Posted by Marybeth Smith at 09/30/2008 02:27:52 PM