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When, through a review, I discovered the premise of this square-shaped volume by James Lileks, I was offended. The 1950s is one of my favorite historical periods to study, and I simply could not countenance someone making fun of the well-intentioned people who lived during that time. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist picking it up and looking at it. I ended up reading the whole thing during my dinner hours here at the library (of all times!). From the cover: "WARNING: This is not a cookbook. You’ll find no tongue-tempting treats within – unless, of course, you consider Boiled Cow Elbow with Plaid Sauce to be your idea of a tasty meal. You too will look at these products of post-war cuisine and ask: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?” I laughed all the way through this book, sometimes out loud, as did my Ohio sister and her husband, to whom I loaned this literary and photographic tour de force.


Gallery of Regrettable Food


Posted by David DeVries at 09/20/2008 04:43:46 PM | 

He's right! This book is one laugh and "UGH" after another!! My personal favorites were the salmon jello molds and the "mystery" loaf (what WAS that anyway???). Everyone needs a good "no-brainer" book to relax with every now and then. This book contains a lot of one-liners and heavy reading. Even if you didn't live through the 50's (I didn't) you will find this book very entertaining, along the lines of the humorous email so popular in circulation about the role of a "housewife" in the 50's. Check it out! You won't be sorry! I am the "Ohio sister" the critic refers to, living in the Dayton area. Enjoy!
Posted by: Mary Romanak ( Email ) at 9/20/2008 8:14 PM

Yum! Plaid Sauce!
For more laugh out loud lunacy from bygone era's check out the authors website:
Posted by: michael ( Email ) at 9/24/2008 10:40 AM

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