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Web 2.0

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Admittedly, the term "Web 2.0" is overused and perhaps more often than not, misunderstood - as if it implies some form of "new and improved" (read different) version of something that most of us struggle to understand as it is. In reality, Web 2.0 is simply a catchphrase for new technologies and gadgets that add to the social side of the web - things like blogs, podcasts, webcasts, videocasts, social bookmarking, and on and on.

Need to catch up a little? Here's an interesting video that was put together by a Kansas State University professor of cultural anthropology, attempting to sum up Web 2.0 in just under five minutes.


On Friday, July 11th, Jennifer Cornell, KPL's technology trainer, will delve into the world of sharing and organizing on the web with a special educational event called Web 2.0 Topics - Blogging. Don't miss this unique one-off session!

Posted by Keith Howard at 07/03/2008 09:42:26 AM