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What Happens to the Crying Baby?

At the Public Library Association conference this spring, I was lucky enough to win a prepublication copy of Louise Erdrich’s new novel, The Plague of Doves. Once I opened it, I couldn’t put it down – I finished it within two days.

Plague opens with the horrific slaughter of a farming family and the haunting image of a crying baby facing the murderer’s gun, then weaves engrossing stories of multiple characters, spanning generations both before and after the crime. The characters’ stories range from comic to tragic to riveting; the lyrical writing and imagery is captivating. Erdrich gradually reveals how the characters and their tangled relationships connect to the murders, ending with a survivor’s tale.

Check the Hot Picks collection at either Oshtemo or Central for a copy. Read selected reviews from The New York Times, The Star Tibune (from Minneapolis-St Paul, Erdrich’s hometown paper), The Seattle Times, and Powell's Books.


The Plague of Doves


This sounds like something I might enjoy. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the review.
I love that cover.

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