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Staff-recommended reading from the KPL catalog.

Joy of Reading

While looking for some books recently, I came upon an essay on the joy of reading. It reminded me why I was attracted to a library career many years ago – I loved to read and still do. Some of my younger colleagues were attracted to a library career for the technology and informational aspects of library work. Not me, it was all about the books and reading; the other attractions to a library career came later.

I read just about everything from books to magazines to newspapers. It might sound trite, but passionate readers know it is true – it feels wonderful to lose yourself in a book, to transcend your present situation. I’ve been all over the world in all different time periods; I’ve “met” Lincoln, my favorite president; I’ve received self-help advice from experts.

“Never leave home without a book” is my “rule”. You never know when you might need to wait and have a few minutes to read.

Come visit soon. We have lots of good books – you can easily get lost in one of them.


Books and Reading

Remodeling Complete!

If you haven’t visited the Central Library for a while, you’re in for a surprise. We unveiled the new streamlined check-out desk this morning.

The lighter, brighter desk uses less space and its open design makes it easier for staff to leave the desk to help patrons.

Behind the new desk you’ll see a wall of books, movies, and music—all being held on reserve for patrons. You can easily find your own reserved materials and take them to the new checkout kiosk, installed in December.

Three new monitors near the desk show daily library events and information, plus a news channel—we’ll broadcast the Olympics for the next week or so.

A very generous bequest made all these changes possible, starting more than a year ago when we installed Radio Frequency Identification. RFID has increased our efficiency, allowing us to reorganize work and reduce staff positions as individuals retire or resign.

Best of all, with RFID patrons quickly and easily check out their own materials. No more waiting in lines!

We’re very grateful to the anonymous donor whose gift allowed us to invest in this new technology and to remodel the check out desk to serve you better. Come visit soon to see the changes at Central.


Renovation at Central Library

Planning for KPL’s Future

KPL is undertaking a strategic planning process with the help of Sandra Nelson, a nationally known library strategic planner. The process will help us identify service priorities and the allocation of resources based on those priorities.

In these times of declining resources, public institutions need to determine what services the community needs and expects from them, what services are best left to others, what services are of lesser importance.

Our process will involve the public through a “Community Planning Committee,” our board, and our staff. It will result in a recommendation to our board for library service priorities. After the priorities have been approved, the staff will work on writing goals and objectives and the specific activities to accomplish them. It will be about a three to four month process.

This is a challenge, but also an opportunity as we look to the next three to five years. I’ll share periodic updates here on the director’s blog and in Link, our quarterly newsletter.


Strategic Planning
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