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Staff-recommended reading from the KPL catalog.

Peter Mulvey plays to a full house!

Critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey entertained a crowd of more than 150 at a very special concert in the Van Deusen Room on February 18th. Mulvey is the ninth straight musician featured in the library's popular Live Music concert series.

The 90+ minute show featured Mulvey's signature guitar playing, humorous storytelling and beautiful songs. The audience was also lucky to hear a sneak preview of his upcoming CD release which features spoken letters to his seventeen nieces and nephews!

As with past concerts at KPL, many folks entered as strangers but left as friends.


Peter Mulvey
Kevin King

African American Civil War Display @ Oshtemo

Through the years of researching my family history, I discovered that many of my ancestors fought in the Civil War.  There is currently a pictorial display at the Oshtemo Branch Library of African/American Civil War Veterans along with books on African/ American history.  I’m the part-time teen librarian at Oshtemo.  My four great-grand- fathers and five great-great uncles are in the display, along with information about Michigan’s 1st Colored Infantry, later called the 102nd United States Colored Infantry. 

The display also includes information about theCivil War photographs “Battle of Honey Hill” that took place on November 30, 1864, in support of General William T. Sherman’s march to the sea in South Carolina.  My great-grandfather John Conner, his brother William Frank Conner, who was the sergeant of his troop, and their two brother-in-laws, Himebrick Tyler and Joseph Seaton fought bravely in this battle.


African Americans in the Civil War
Valerie O

Music and Make Believe

250 preschoolers and over 100 of their parents, teachers, and caregivers enjoyed our most recent Music & Make Believe programs.  Music & Make Believe is a collaboration between the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra and the Kalamazoo Public Library where children 4-6 years old come to hear a story read, accompanied by a string quartet.  In our latest sessions, the book was Berlioz the Bear by Jan Brett so all the children made bear hats to take home.

Music & Make Believe is one of my favorite programs we do here at the library and I am so happy to be part of something that gives children a chance to experience top quality live music for free.  We schedule Music & Make Believe programs twice a year:  in the Fall around September or October and in the Winter around February or March.  These are programs you need to register for so keep your eyes open for the next set of programs.  It's really an opportunity you shouldn't miss.


Berlioz the Bear
Steve S

What's Cooking in New Orleans?

Peanut Butter Soup with Hen and Habanero. Pho Ga. Zwiebelkuchen.

These dishes don't usually come to mind when one thinks of New Orleans, but the aforementioned Ghanaian, Vietnamese and German specialties are certainly what you'll find in some Crescent City kitchens.

Just ask Elsa Hahne. This Swedish immigrant who made New Orleans her home in 2002 interviewed more than a hundred home cooks to find out what's really cooking. Some of the results were compiled into You Are Where You Eat: Stories and Recipes from the Neighborhoods of New Orleans.

Elsa visited KPL on January 28 to read from and sign her books. Hear what she had to say in this video interview.



You Are Where You Eat: Stories and Recipes from the Neighborhoods of New Orleans
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