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Flu Hits Kalamazoo

Listening to the school closings on the radio this morning leaves no doubt—the flu has hit Kalamazoo. Like other organizations that serve the public, KPL is trying to limit the spread of the H1N1 as well as seasonal flu.

We’ve posted signs throughout our buildings promoting hand-washing to limit the spread of the flu virus. We’re setting up hand sanitizer stations for library visitors and providing tissues, disposable gloves, and disinfectant wipes to staff.

new topic guide on our website compiles information and web links on both the seasonal and H1N1 flu. Although not a substitute for professional health care, you’ll find helpful information on this guide.

Our excellent Facilities Management crew will continue to keep our buildings clean and disinfected; we’ll clean keyboards and public work surfaces even more frequently, too.

We sent a staff member to an informational meeting at the Health Department and will continue to follow Kalamazoo County government’s recommendations regarding the pandemic.

Take care, be well.

Flu Information topic guide » 

(Kalamazoo Gazette photo by Tyler Tjomsland)


WMU student with the flu (Gazette photo)

Director - Power User

Besides directing the library, I use the library; I consider myself a “power user” – one who uses many services and is here frequently, every day in my case!

I just read Telex from Cuba, this year’s freshman book for K College; I browsed Not So Big Remodeling, even though there is no home remodeling in my near future; I loved Leisure Seeker and regret I missed the author’s visit here a few weeks ago. I’m getting ready for a driving vacation and have checked out Admission and The Invisible Mountain. I think I’ll like both, given the reviews. I have How to Raise the Perfect Dog for my husband to read….hint, hint!  Of course I have a few travel books for the backseat of the car.

Earlier this month, I attended a poetry reading by Lori Wilson. I don’t read poetry, but I enjoy hearing it. I heard local author Michelle Miller-Adams speak about her book on the Kalamazoo Promise and Bob Downes share his backpacking experiences around the world; I heard banned books read during Art Hop.

I could go on and on….suffice it to say, I’m proud of our staff and the materials and services we provide. I appreciate them as a library user too.

Come visit soon.


The Leisure Seeker

What Good Friends We Have!

Last week the Friends of KPL celebrated their 50th anniversary with a wonderful reception. They recognized past presidents and long time volunteers, reviewed their history, celebrated their strong support and advocacy of the library, shared the success of their bookstore, and gave the library a generous $50,000 gift!

The Friends financial support has supported many of our programs:  Ready to ReadReading TogetherYouth Literature Seminars, Prime Time, programming for all ages. This past summer they funded our summer reading games for all ages – preschoolers to adults – as well as the end-of-summer reading party, attended by 1,014!

This gift came from bookstore proceeds. Just imagine how many books they sold for 10¢ to $2.00! Our community is generous in donating books to the Friends and our Friends are generous to the library.

Thank you and congratulations, good Friends; best wishes for the next 50 years!

Come visit the library AND the bookstore soon.


Friends 2009 Board

Big Changes at Central Library

Beginning this week, you will see many changes in the circulation area at the central library – changes that will help us be more efficient and serve you better.

A generous anonymous bequest allowed us to install a modern inventory system that will enable patrons to quickly and easily check out their own items. We will be creating three new, smaller checkout stations for patron use; the old checkout desk will be replaced with a smaller desk for two staff members and an open shelving area for patrons to pick up their own holds.

These changes will help us manage our ever-growing circulation – an increase of 14% last year.

Work will begin this week and be done in stages. We are aiming for completion in late December.

We’ll keep you informed of the progress by way of a page on our website.

Come visit and watch the changes.


Renovation at Central Library
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