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Mac and Cheese

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Mac and Cheese are two alley-cat friends without many interests in common.

When Macaroni sings a song,
Cheese will never sing along.
Mac likes to jump and play and sing,
But Cheese does not like anything.

Yes, Cheese is kind of a grumpy cat while Mac definitely has the happy gene. Mac attempts a heart-to-heart with Cheese to find out why he's such a sour-puss. Turns out Cheese's favorite pastime is spending quiet time with dear friend Mac who is grateful when Cheese retrieves Mac's windblown hat.

I enjoy this good choice for beginning readers as a read-aloud, too, because of Sarah Weeks' clever rhyming text and the book's appealing illustrations.


Mac and Cheese

Posted by Bill Caskey at 01/09/2012 07:44:20 PM