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Civil War Sites

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When I was in high school, a family vacation one summer took us to the East Coast for a week or so. Along the way, we made a brief stop in Pennsylvania to visit Gettysburg National Military Park. I’ll be the first to admit that American history was probably not my primary interest at the time (I was sixteen after all), but there was something about being there in person and standing on those historic grounds that did spark my imagination. Seeing the hundreds of memorials, and reading the plaques that marked significant battle locations was an experience I’ll never forget.


Gettysburg was of course the scene of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. 51,000 American soldiers lost their lives during three days of battle in July 1863—more casualties than any other single battle of the war. This was also the spot where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous “Gettysburg Address” later that year.

Designed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Globe’s Big Book of Civil War Sites provides a comprehensive look at dozens of important locations and key points of interest in both the North and the South; from Antietam and Gettysburg to Washington D.C., Baltimore, Chattanooga, Vicksburg, and Bull Run.

Illustrated with historic maps and images, each chapter is richly detailed with information about famous battlefields and important people, plus the authors’ recommendations for places to visit, including eateries, museums, accommodations, and other points of interest.


If you’re planning a trip in the near future, this might be a worthwhile resource to help locate important and interesting sites from America’s past, and hopefully create your own unforgettable experiences.


The Big Book of Civil War Sites

Posted by Keith Howard at 08/09/2011 09:14:15 AM