Missing May

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Missing May is a bitter-sweet story about the after-effects of coping with the death of a most-beloved wife and stepmother named May. For many years May and Ob, her husband, a disabled Navy veteran, lived in Deep Water, West Virginia in a rusty old trailer. They were a childless couple until they met Summer, a distant relative who became parentless at the age of six, and who was subsequently “adopted” by May and Ob.

The story begins after May’s death. May was a very loving woman and both Ob and Summer grieve so desperately that they attempt to find May’s spirit. Cletus Underwood, a kid from Summer’s seventh grade class, befriends Ob and senses Ob’s despair. He tells Ob and Summer about a Spiritualist in a nearby county, so, Ob, Summer, and Cletus begin a quest to find The Reverend Miriam B. Conklin, Small Medium at Large. Do Ob and Summer find what they’re looking for to quell their sadness? You will discover the truth after reading this inspirational story that received the 1993 John Newbery Award.


Missing May

Posted by Amy Chase at 06/21/2013 04:13:44 PM | 

My daughter love this book, she read it twice. The author focused on details so deep into descriptions.
Posted by: Lori Stickley ( Email ) at 6/24/2013 11:11 AM

I love this book!!! It is one of my favorites from my early tween years. It was so different from traditional "girls tween fiction" and I was never one to read what is typical :) Thanks for an awesome pick!!
Posted by: Karen H ( Email ) at 7/1/2013 5:34 PM

Good book on how different people cope differently with death - glad they turned around for the capital trip
Posted by: Kathy Kowall ( Email ) at 7/4/2013 9:27 PM

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